This message is about God's power. You need to hear this message.

The Runaway Prophet

The Runaway Prophet Compels us to join ourselves to the heart of God for the lost. It examines how easily we may miss God’s heart even in ministry.

Obedience School

Ever wonder what God is doing? Pastor Dave shows the reason for nearly everything God does in our lives.

Satan’s To Do List

This Wednesday night teaching is a reminder that the enemy of your soul is up to something.

Knock Knock

Pastor Seth leaves us with a reminder of how to find Jesus in his final message at CLC. (Revelation 3:20)

Looking for Jesus

Pastor Dave reveals our theme for 2020. Everyone is Looking for Jesus.


Pastor Dave's message from 12/15/19 on how we quench the spirit.


Pastor Dave's message from December 1st, 2019. 


Pastor Dave's teaching on the ministry of impartation from Nov. 10th 2019. 


A message by Pastor Dave from Oct. 30th 2019.

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